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Statistical Research Institute


Director General

Research Planning Division
ㆍEstablish & Execute Basic Plans for Statistical Research 
ㆍResearch on Survey Methodology(Sampling Techniques, Weighting Adjustment)
ㆍInvestigate Techniques for the Improvement of National Statistics(Imputation, SDC, Data Linkage)

Statistical Methodology Division
ㆍMeasure Quality of Life in the Republic of Korea
ㆍDevelopment of Indicators Beyond GDP 
ㆍEstablishment of Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) Indicators Framework
ㆍSystemization of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA)
ㆍDevelopment of National Transfer Accounts(NTAS)
ㆍCompilation of Green Growth Indicators

Division of Economic and Social Statistics Research
ㆍAnalysis of Economic & Social Trends and Structures
ㆍAnalysis of Population Composition and Trends
ㆍPolicy Issues Analysis
ㆍStudy on Improving of Questionnaire Design