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title : Korea-Vietnam Bilateral Cooperation Meeting
  • Korea-Vietnam Bilateral Cooperation Meeting Korea-Vietnam Bilateral Cooperation Meeting
    • The 2012 Korea-Vietnam Bilateral Statistical Cooperation Meeting was held on October 22-25, 2012. The delegation from Vietnam’s General Statistics Office (GSO) included 6 members headed by the International Cooperation Director Luu Van Vinch. The last year’s meeting was held in Hanoi in October 2011. As part of the agreement between Korea and Vietnam to interchangeably host the bilateral meeting, this year’s meeting was held in Korea.

      This year’s bilateral meeting involved lively exchanges of information on statistical training program and e-learning systems, data collection system via website, new technologies in data collection, data visualization as well as regional statistical activities. In particular, with the launching of the ODA project and “Statistical Training Plan for Capacity Strengthening of Statistical Workforce” which was developed this year, the GSO delegation showed special interest in Statistics Korea’s presentations on statistical training and survey system using IT.

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