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title : High Level Workshop and Statistical Capacity Strengthening Workshop
  • High Level Workshop and Statistical Capacity Strengthening Workshop
    • Statistics Korea and ISI jointly organized the High Level Workshop on "Leadership for the Modernization of the National Statistical System" and Statistical Capacity Strengthening Conference focused on taking advantage of professionalism among the international statistical community in developing countries on November 12-15, 2012 at the Statistical Center in Daejeon, Korea. Incumbent and former senior members of private and public statistical agencies convened at these events for lively discussion on the leadership of national statistical agencies in the Asia Pacific region and on strengthening statistical capacity as core infrastructure for national development efforts.

      KOSTAT and Uzbekistan hold the 2<sup>nd</sup> Bilateral Statistical Cooperation Meeting

      The High Level Workshop (November 12-14) was attended by senior managers of international organizations and former commissioners of national statistical offices of statistically advanced nations who effectively contributed to drawing on senior leadership in the Asia and Pacific region (i.e. Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh) to transfer expert knowledge and best practices in basic principles, strategy and organizational management essential for developing a modern national statistical system.

      The Statistical Capacity Strengthening Conference (November 14-15) provided a forum for vital discussions on diverse strategies to utilize the professionalism and experiences among international statistical community in strengthening the statistical capacity of developing nations. It centered around the themes on the role of official statistics and national statistical offices and statistical training.

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