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title : 2013 KOSTAT - Eurostat Statistical Training Programme
  • 2013 KOSTAT - Eurostat Statistical Training Programme
    • Eurostat and Statistics Korea have signed a Memorandum of Undestanding in June 2010 that aims at promoting the sharing of expertise between the two statistical offices as well as the promotion of the dialogue and cooperation between Eurostat and Kostat. In this context, Statistics Korea and Eurostat co-organised a 3-day training course on the subjects of Quality management and Business Demography at the end of November 2013. The lectures were given by Zsuzsanna Kovacs and Aleksandra Stawińska from Eurostat and they were followed by short presentations of related experiences of Statistics Korea.



      The training programme was open to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region – statisticians from Bhutan, China, Egypt, Hong Kong/China, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russian Federation, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates attended the event.




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