• ODA Project Plan
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    • Overview

      - Period : 5 years(2010~2014)

      - Description : Comprehensive project to improve Mongolia statistical system

    • Background and necessity

      - Expand the influence of KOSTAT as a donor in the area of development/cooperation for the international community.

      - Promote technology exchanges between Korea and Germany as well as Korea and Mongolia.

      - Establish collaborative relationship among three countries

    • Scope of the work

      - Providing consulting and training services on IT infrastructure in the form of technical advice, expert and analytical support and practically oriented advice and abroad trainings and study visits.

    EAMS Meeting
  • Capacity Strengthening Project for Indonesia
    • Period : Two to three years
    • KOSTAT will be involved in supporting and consulting the BPS to manage it's information system using ICT and to develop a data warehouse.
      (The Trust Funds from Ministry of Strategy and Finance to World Bank)
    • Process : Terms of Reference for cooperation between World Bank and KOSTAT is in the process of preparation.
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