• 2013 ODA Project
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  • The Strengthening of Vietnamese Human Capacity and Management of a Statistical Training System Project
    • Background

      General Statistics Office of Vietnam(GSO), which has maintained bilateral cooperation relations with KOSTAT since 2002, made a request for a technology transfer on Korea's statistical training programs, facilities and operation strategies.

    • Scope of the Work

      Statistics Korea (KOSTAT) set up a plan of the project for Establishing a Strategy to Strengthen the Capacity of Vietnamese Statistical Personnel in 2012. For the follow-up project, “The Strengthening of Vietnamese Human Capacity and the Management of a Statistical Training System Project” was implemented in 2013. The project not only includes statistical consulting, but also training programs and the provision of facilities and equipment in the training lab with the capacity of 20 trainees.

  • KAZSTAT Project - National Statistics System Strengthening Project for Kazakhstan
    • Background

      Agency of Statistics of Kazakhstan, which signed MOU on statistical cooperation with KOSTAT in 2010, requested KOSTAT for cooperation on information technologies.

    • Scope of the Work

      Provide consulting on "Improvement of ICT System and Infrastructure" among KAZSTAT Project components and conduct training of Kazakhstani civil servants.

    • Regional Seminar on the Korean National Statistical System: Knowledge Sharing with Latin America and the Caribbean

      - Date 14-18 October 2013

      - Venue Daejeon, Korea

      - Objective
      The Korean national statistical system (NSS), led and coordinated by Statistics Korea (KOSTAT), demonstrates strengths from which other countries can learn. Its core strategies include determining the needs of various users by reinforcing the infrastructure for customer relationship management to provide customized services, as well as building and strengthening interactive communication channels to diversify the dissemination of statistical data. This has resulted in a decentralized form of data production that is standardized and coordinated at the same time, which fits the different needs of diverse users. Korea’s NSS shows a high level of integrated use of information technology that facilitates modern statistical production, dissemination and use, including the production of administrative registry-based statistics, an Internet-based population census and the management of a one-stop web-based statistical database. In view of the above, the objective of this regional seminar is to identify areas for future collaboration between the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Republic of Korea in relation to the strengthening the NSS of LAC. High-level policy makers, who are users of statistics in the public sector, as well as national statistics officials representing producers of statistics from LAC are invited to learn about the Korean experience in the area of statistical development.

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