• Global Project on Measuring Progress of Societies TFSCB Grant (SKIP section)
    • Duration : October 5, 2009 ~ December 31, 2011

      *October 5, 2009 ~ 2012, to be extended until India Forum

    • Project: Support participants from developing countries to attend the four regional meetings on 'Measuring Social Progress' to be held until the Fourth India Forum
    • Nature of Support : Subsidize air travel and accommodation of 20-30 participants from developing countries
    <Regional Meetings by Continent>
    Region Date Expected # of
    Mediterranean-Arab Regional Meeting Spring, 2012  
    Africa Regional Meeting Morocco, April, 2012  

    • Global Project Description
    • Perform statistical research on measuring social progress
    • Establish and implement plans for strategy, marketing and support on global project
    • Develop and distribute ICT tools for effective communication
    • Organize various events to increase awareness on measurement of social progress and develop indicator sets

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