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  • Greetings!
  • As Commissioner of the Statistics Korea (KOSTAT),
    I warmly welcome you to the KOSTAT web site.
  • The KOSTAT makes utmost efforts to produce statistics useful to statistical users and to help the general public utilize statistics conveniently and ubiquitously.

    As a backbone national statistical agency, the KOSTAT makes a comprehensive plan for the advancement of official statistics, shares more statistics to ensure collaboration with relevant agencies, and supports major policy establishment including creative economy. The KOSTAT is trying the best to develop and produce diverse and reliable official statistics of prices, employment and income, which are sensitive to people's lives, and to help Koreans lead happier lives through statistical production.

    We will continue to provide various statistical information services and help Koreans enjoy better quality of life by using reliable statistical data.

    The KOSTAT will be with you to offer a bright future.

    Thank you very much.
  • Commissioner Yoo Gyeongjoon
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