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Leading Advancement of National Statistics, and Producing Reliable Statistics


Highly advanced Statistics Korea opening the future with the general public

Core Strategy

Implementing High-quality Statistical Administration through Reinforcing Bases of National Statistics

Realizing Customer Satisfaction with Statistical Services Centered on Users

  • Mission Declaration
    • As the central statistical organization, the Statistics Korea is to reinforce effective statistical adjustment and cooperation activities and to lead quality improvement in national statistics in order to achieve development of national statistics. In order to actively respond to diverse statistical demands and aggravation in survey environment in accordance with rapid changes in economic and social environment, the Statistics Korea is to produce reliable statistics with accuracy, usefulness and timeliness through innovation of national statistical system. In relations to production and distribution of statistics, the Statistics Korea is to ensure privacy of individuals and confidentiality of businesses in order to secure confidence of the people.
  • Vision
    • Key words
      • World best Statistics Korea
      • Production and dissemination of high-quality statistics from a view point of statistical users
      • Reinforcement of the capability of the Statistics Korea staff as statistical experts
      • Leading national policies
      • Helping Koreans design their future
      • Playing a key role as a backbone national statistical organization
    • Meaning
      • The Statistics Korea will support national policies and the design of the future by producing and disseminating high-quality statistics with the needs of statistical users focused. The Statistics Korea will be a statistical organization which Koreans can trust, and leap to a World best statistical organization.
  • Core strategies
    • Meaning
      • Implementing high-quality statistical administration through reinforcing bases of national statistics
        •     - Strengthening physical infrastructure such as laws, systems, budget and human resources in order to efficiently        coordinate statistical agencies and reinforce cooperative networks
              - Improving statistical techniques through the innovation of survey techniques of low cost and high efficiency        with a view to coping with rapidly changing socio-economic environment
              - Developing and producing statistics of accuracy, timeliness and usefulness that users require
              - Building and strengthening cooperative networks so as to share administrative data and facilitate the utilization        of administrative data
              - Building institutional infrastructure to improve the quality of official statistics
              - Strengthening educational and public relations infrastructure to improve statistical competence of Statistics        Korea personnel and external users (the general public, governmental organizations and the media)
              - Reinforcing the system for sustained growth of Statistics Korea by taking action against ever-changing        environment
      • Realizing customer satisfaction with statistical services centered on users
        •     - Changing service mind from producer-oriented to consumer-oriented statistical compilation
              - Improving the accessibility of statistical data by introducing new IT techniques positively
              - Finding out various user needs and coping with the needs by reinforcing the infrastructure for customer        relationship management so as to provide customized services
              - Building and strengthening interactive communication channels to diversify statistical data dissemination        channels
              - Providing statistical contents variously at the eye level of users through the advanced analyses of statistical        information
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