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Title : Knowledge base of statistical infomation MDSS
  • Knowledge base of statistical infomation MDSS
    The rapidly evolving digital convergence era.
    Amidst this change, the MDSS (Micro Data Service System) has been introduced in effort to provide an in-depth analysis of social phenomena, as well as assessments and solutions to social issues.

    When the seeds of useful statistical data are sowed, they eventually grow into a tree bearing the fruits of a brighter future.

    The M.D.S.S. Micro Data Service System provides microdata to its users who wish to conduct in-depth analyses of various social phenomena in Korean society.

    Unlike the previous standard methods of compiling data manually, the user simply logs onto the site mdss.kostat.go.kr to easily extract necessary data; it is, in essence, a complete one-stop service.

    Processed directly by users in mind, along with the provision of full-function services for non-professionals, providing customized data and analysis promptly and more conveniently; it is the only type of micro data service offered in the nation.

    Micro data consists of individual information collected from establishments, individuals, as well as households. These data can be used as the basis to create various statistical graphs and tables.

    The M.D.S.S. provides micro data of 38 kinds of surveys in 5 categories.

    by selecting the category and search criteria, the automatic extraction and compiling systems provide the desired microdata in various file formats. Users can download time-series based microdata all at once, and through statistical packages of SAS and SPSS, data can be retrieved with much more ease.

    Also, a free service is being offered for students wishing to gain more knowledge about statistics and its working methods through educational microdata.

    In addition, CDs of micro data such as the Economically Active Population Survey, Cause of Death Statistics and the Mining and Manufacturing Survey can be purchased directly from the Statistical Shopping Mall online.

    To improve convenience for certified microdata users, the newly reborn remote access service!

    Now, breaking free from the previous restrictions of service, the remote access service which analyzes approved micro data online by statistical packages SAS, SPSS and STATA can now be accessed from homes and offices everywhere.

    The 7 Microdata access Centers throughout the nation ensure that the information of the certified microdata are kept private through the Statistics Korea's encryption management methods, as all information is thoroughly managed.

    Some examples of MDSS application include:
      the use of the Population and Housing Census microdata by Si, Gun & Gu,
      preparing for solutions to low birth rates and aging society issues,
      using the Economically Active Population Survey microdata to analyze social nsurance programs from various angles,

    Many industries and private enterprises also utilize this service to create new products and ideas by analyzing business districts and location and estimating the potential market.

    MDSS was founded in 2006.
    The Statistics Korea has continuously improved micro data services.
    And, in June of 2011! A newly, improved and updated service is here for everyone to use.
    The Statistics Korea will do the best in providing micro data faster, easier, and more safely.

    A new, improved innovative system from the Statistics Korea: the MDSS!
    For the advancement of Korean statistical information, we will raise the standards of statistical value through active support and  meaningful research.
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