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Title : Congratulatory Message on the 18th Statistics Day by Paul Cheung, Director of the UNSD
  • Congratulatory Message on the 18th Statistics Day by Paul Cheung, Director of the UNSD

    Dear Commissioner Woo,
    Colleagues from the Korean Government,
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

     I am very happy to be part of your celebration on the occasion of the 18th National Statistics Day in Korea. On behalf of the United Nations and the Global Statistical Community, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Statistics Korea for your achievements over the years. I am delighted that, on this special occasion, you have brought together users of statistics as well as the respondents of your surveys to recognise the importance of statistical information.

    I have visited Korea many times. I have many friends and colleagues in the Korean National Statistical System. We have worked on many projects together. I must say that I am very impressed by the organization and professionalism of the Korean statistical system, of which Statistics Korea plays a central role.

    Sound and reliable statistics are vital for the understanding of a country’s economic and social conditions; for the development and implementation of policies, and most important of all, for informing and empowering the citizens. Statistics Korea has done an excellent job in achieving these objectives.

    Over the past few years, Statistics Korea has also played an increasingly important role regionally and globally. You have actively organized many international events focusing on emerging and critical issues every year with various international organizations, including OECD and the United Nations, and covering such topics as climate change, green economy, and information society. You have also helped in the training of statisticians from the developing countries. Your International Training Center is a leading training center of the world, contributing significantly to the increase in statistical capacity globally.

    Once again, thank you all for your hard work and support in the advancement of the global statistical system, and in making Statistics Korea one of the best statistical organizations in the world.
    I wish you every success in the future.

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