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Title : Statistics Korea(KOSTAT) Advertisement Video
  • Statistics Korea(KOSTAT) Advertisement Video
    In the Republic of Korea, we have Statistics Korea, also knowns as  KOSTAT.

    A country where most people are middle class.
    A country where it is easy for small and medium-sized companies to do business.
    A country where its people are happy from having a clean environment, sound social safety nets and
    customized welfare services.

    KOSTAT is the cornerstone
    in creating the Republic of Korea that is ideal for its people.  

    What is statistics?

    Statistics is a tool that helps you get a glance at various complex social phenomena and economic issues. .

    It is also a means of analyzing the past and current issues as well as predicting the future.  

    For example,    

    The chance that it will rain,
    price fluctuation of agricultural goods,
    cancer rate have been compiled for some time since the past, and
    they all have a profound impact on our daily life today.  

    Also, statistics covering very specific information,
    such as the number of children, number of men and women,
    or number of senior citizens and teenagers in a given area
    are used for national policies and corporate management.

    Yearly salary of a worker,
    development project for a new city,
    number of target recruitments,
    new product development.
    Welfare programs all are determined using statistics as their foundation.
    Then, our questions is, who  is responsible for producing  the official statistics and who uses these official data?

    Anyone can come up with statistics.
    But the official statistics that are needed to enhance the lives of Korean people are produced by KOSTAT and several other government agencies and institutes.  

    Official statistics depends greatly on credibility and accuracy.
    Therefore it is essential to create the standards for producing official statistics that can be trusted by all users.  

    KOSTAT sets the rules and guidelines for statistical standards.
    Statistics producers follow theses guidelines in compiling statistics.
    Statistics produced by different agencies are then integrated into the  national statistics portal, where
    users can easily access the information at any time or place.

    Cooperation among government policy makers and its related agencies has become  critically important  due to increasingly complex socioeconomic issues that are closely connected to people’s lives.  
    Official statistics can play a key role in policy making by helping agencies to communicate and cooperate.  

    Each agency can share a common policy language known as national statistics.
    If agencies can break down their barriers and begin to communicate,
    by sharing official statistics, which is the common policy language for all agencies,
    we can expect to reduce the
    inefficiency and waste of resources from overlapping policies thereby
    implementing policies tailored to our citizens in an effective manner.  

    Official statistics is the administrative and policy making language of the Korean government’s 3.0 era, characterized by the mottos for 'open and sharing' and 'communication and cooperation'.

    But, if theres a gap between what people actually feel and statistical mesaures,
    then the statistics will loose its value by all means.    

    Therefore it is imperative to produce statistics that reflect the true state and
    that can be identified and trusted by the people.

    That is why Statistics Korea is using 'experienced survey teams' to conduct face-to-face surveys to collect real-life information of Koreans so that it will be reflected in official statistics.

    We have also adopted innovative survey methods
    such as internet surveys
    which ensures accuracy and reliability
    while relieving response burdens on people and reducing survey costs.  

    Furthermore, acting as the control tower for all official statistics,
    we are working endlessly to produce new customized official statistics in a timely manner
    that will assist in the livelihood of our people
    by using the past data and administrative data.

    Statistics that are well drafted but hard to use and complicated
    are basically useless.

    That is why KOSTAT has made it possible for
    users to access the Korea Statistical Information Service (KOSIS) also fromsmartphones.  

    We also provide data visualization service,
    such as bubble charts, information graphics in
    which statistics have been converted
    to visual information for easy apprehension.

    A country's official statistics standard
    is an indication of how advanced the country is.

    KOSTAT is highly recognized around the world at the present time.
    The advanced techniques used in our '2010 Census'
    have shocked the world
    and is being benchmarked
    by various countries around the world.
    KOSTAT is also playing a leading role in setting global statistical trends,
    by serving as the chairman and vice chairman
    of the OECD Committee on Statistics.  

    KOSTAT is also undertaking several ODA projects  to pass on our advanced statistical methods to developing countries. At the same time, we are actively exporting our statistical systems to abroad.  

    Is my family
    living a middle class life?

    What kind of bright future is ahead for  
    my children and myself?

    KOSTAT strives to answer all these questions.

    A new country where all its citizens can dream of a stable future
    through policies that can be trusted.  

    Korea has a proud past, a reliable present, and bright future!

    KOSTAT will also be there to be counted on.

    In Korea, we have KOSTAT.
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