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Title : A statistical geographic information service in everyday life : The Statistical Navigator
  • A statistical geographic information service in everyday life : The Statistical Navigator

    The Statistical Navigator is a topnotch statistical geographic information model that combines the Internet and geographic information.

    It’s a user-oriented service where the user puts in a location and range of his choice, then statistical information of that neighborhood is provided to him.

    The Statistical Navigator system utilizes census maps and information on 13.5 million houses and 3.2 million businesses in the country to provide local information for the 16 metropolitan cities and provinces as well as the 90,000 output areas of 500 people in each.

    Following the service launch to Seoul and other metropolitan cities in late 2007, The Statistical Navigator will begin to service the rest of the country in late 2008. It is already establishing itself as a national statistical service that helps with the people’s day to day living.

    The future is in statistics, and the shortcut to success is in the Statistical Navigator.

    The Statistical Navigator supports scientific decision making in homes, businesses and public sectors.

    Users can connect to the Internet to search statistical information about a particular area’s population, demographics, housing and businesses for personal or business use.

    Looking for a new neighborhood that fits your lifestyle,
    Opening a business best suited for the location,
    Setting marketing strategies by analyzing the characteristics of potential customers, And creating a welfare environment that people want.

    The search function can be used to access other related details about the information.

    For different skill levels of users, the wizard function is available for novices, general function for intermediate users and conditional search for advanced users. These user-oriented services can satisfy every customer who uses the Statistical Navigator.

    Everyday convenience and business competitiveness grow with statistics.
    The innovation of statistical geographic information service continues.

    To further improve customer satisfaction, there are services such as customized service, 3D service, mobile service and infrastructure service that is combined with public administrative information.

    The Statistical Navigator will evolve continuously with modern information technology.

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