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Title : National Statistics Portal Korean Statistical Information Service, KOSIS
  • National Statistics Portal Korean Statistical Information Service, KOSIS

    Korean Statistical Information Service KOSIS has the largest statistical database.

    The KNSO opened the KOSIS in July 2007 after establishing a statistical information database and building an integrated service system. Its system development started under the national information strategy scheme in 2005. With consistent improvement of contents and services, the KOSIS currently provides 343 types of statistics produced by 87 organizations in Korea.

    From domestic statistics to international statistics compiled by countries and international organizations, statistical users can search data on this world-standard statistics portal on line.

    The KOSIS provides an integrated, one-stop service without a gap in  communication among the organizations that produced statistics.

    All the statistical data are compiled through a standard statistical database system which was developed by the KNSO, and delivered to customers through various search methods provided by KOSIS.

    Category search which allows search with keywords such as statistical database and statistical metadata

    Directory search which allows search by theme, organization and title.

    Quick statistics search where users can specify preferences and category to search for desired statistics.

    There are many tools available such as chart function and analysis function to make information more accessible to users.

    In addition, 100 major indicators of Korea which provides information on current economic, social situations and direction to which we must head.

    Customized services according to users’ age group and style of information usage.

    There is a wide variety of statistical information available, fitting for a national statistics portal site.

    KOSIS is preparing an integrated service for 1,000 types of approved statistics produced by 400 organizations.

    It will expand its cooperative relationships with large private portals and government organizations to share more reliable statistical information more easily and rapidly, with more people.


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