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Title : The opening Session of the 3rd OECD World Forum
  • The opening Session of the 3rd OECD World Forum

    May I have your attention, please.

    The opening Session and Keynote Address of the 3rd OECD  World Forum will be starting soon.

    Please all attendance move inside the  venue and  be seated.


    (VIP Entrance)

    Now distinguished and honored  guests are entering. Please greet them with loud  applause.

    (Introduction of the Forum after VIPs are all seated)

    Good  morning, Ladies and Gentlemen.

    I am JinMin Lee, the master of ceremony(MC) of the Opening Session

    and Keynote Address  in the 3rd OECD World Forum.

    First, I appreciate all of you for your attendance.

    Under the theme of “Charting Progress , Buliding Visions, Improving Life”,

    The 3rd  OECD World Forum held in Busan, the city of Korea known for its ocean and touristic place,

    is the opportunity to re-identify what progress means in 21st century and

    share the practices of policies based on comprehensive indicator sets and  objective evidence.

    I trust  that this forum will be a valuable event for intercultural understanding, as well as  a productive opportunity

    for critical considerations and creative discussions on sustainable development and  quality of life.

    Furthermore, I hope that the forum will be a chance for the participants to enjoy Korean culture and tradition,

    as well as natural beauty of Busan.
    Now I would like to begin the Opening Session.

    Firstly, I would like to introduce nsil, Lee, the commissioner of statistics Korea for an Opening remark.

    Please come to the podium

    (Opening Remarks, Insil, Lee, the commissioner of statistics Korea)

    Next, there will be a welcoming remark of the Jeunghyun, Yoon, the chairperson of arrangement committee.

    Please come to the podium.

    (Welcoming Remarks, the chairperson of arrangement committee)

    Thank you for your speech.

    Next, Let me introduce Angel Gurria, the Secretart General of the OECD for his welcoming speech.

    Sir, Please come to the podium.

    (Welcoming Remarks, Angel Gurria, the SG of the OECD)

    ( Message video Promotion Video)

    Thank you for your speech.

    There will be a video under the theme of “Charting progress, Building visions, Improving life”.

    The next will be a congratulatory speech of Myungbak, Lee, the president of Korea.

    (Congratulatory speech, Myungbak, Lee, the president of Korea)

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