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Title : What is the OECD unemployment rate? and How much is this standard different from the ILO unemployment rate?
Writer : kosis관리자   
In fact, in relation to the unemployment rate, the standard of OECD doesn't exist as a independent one. To be categorized as the unemployed person, the positive actions of searching jobs are required. Moreover, the job search period is defined differently and variously in each country. According to the ILO's recommendation, as the job search period is not particularly defined, so each country is recommended to determine its own job search period suitable to the country's situation. This ILO recommendation is adopted in OECD countries. For the job search period is 4 weeks in many OECD countries, the standard unemployment statistics during 4 weeks (one month in case of Korea) - that is the reference index to compare data among nations - is announced with other statistics. The job search period in each country is as below.
  Korea USA Japan Canada U.K Taiwan
Job Search
One week,
One Month
4 weeks 1 week 4 weeks 4 weeks 1 week
Meanwhile, if one month is decided as a job-search period, in general unemployment rate will go up a little bit. The reason is that in the cases that job search activities have been done before the reference period of survey, these people belong to the economically non-active population. However, if these activities have been done within one month period, they are regarded as the unemployed persons.
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