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Title : What is the Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rate? and How much is the Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rate different from the normal unemployment rate?
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All economic indexes indicate undoubtedly the economic situations which are not only influenced by the economic growth but also affected by 'seasonal elements'. Thereby, to analyse solely the economic factors, 'seasonal elements' must be excluded. The seasonal element by itself may suggest a phenomenon which periodically occurs without being related to the real economic changes. For examples, in Spring and Autumn seasons, construction-businesses are booming, so jobs and works are getting increasing in rural areas, and many students are searching jobs during their vacations, and so on. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is purely composed of the rests of economic elements after excluding the seasonal elements. These seasonal elements occur periodically every year. Data-sources seasonally unadjusted are, therefore, to be compared with those of the last year same month in order to analyse the cyclical elements.
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