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Title : People say that only those people who ever tried to search jobs can be regarded as the unemployed person. Then, what does 'searching jobs' really mean in a concrete way?
Writer : kosis관리자   
The desire and the ability of working are required to be the objects of employment policy. There are no reasons why those who don't want to work should be counted as a part of labour market. Nonetheless, it is not easy to understand what 'will-to-work' is like, for this 'will-to-work' is a highly individual concept. For the labour force statistics, only those who took certain active steps for job search by themselves are to be regarded as the unemployed.
The list below shows some examples of these activities that can qualify a person as actively undertaking a job search ;   * Registering at job-information centers(or employment exchange)
* Visiting to companies for the purposes of having interviews and having consultations by telephones.
* Making telephone calls or visiting in response to newspaper ads
* Writing application forms or taking a job-examination
* Having apprenticeships or being engaged in job-training schemes
* Seeking assistance of friends or relatives
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