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  • Monthly Survey of Machinery Orders Received
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Monthly Survey of Machinery Orders Received
      Type of statistics Designated and surveyed statistics
      Purpose To understand the current trend in major equipment investment and produce the indicators for business conditions (as a leading indicator) by collecting data on monthly orders received by machinery type and order from manufacturing enterprises.
      Periodicity Monthly
      • 1976: The first survey
        • Contents of revision (survey object, item, method, base year, classification, and others)
      • Mar. 1979: Approval for the production of statistics
      • Nov. 1993: Change in the approval No. for the statistics production
      • Jun. 1996: Excluded Motor Vehicle Parts
      • Jan. 1999:
        • Excluded parts and accessories completely from the survey and newly added office automation processing and precision measuring & control machinery
        • Sub-divided machinery types (from 5 to 11)
        • Orders by Ministry of National Defense excluded from the survey and government-invested organizations (POSCO and KT, etc.) changed from public to private organizations in accordance with privatization of their management activities
      • Sep. 2001: Sub-divided the user classification system
        • Public and others → Government, local governmental organizations and others
        • Others of Manufacturing → Rubber, plastic and others
        • Transportation, Warehousing and Communication → Transportation & warehousing, and Communication
        • Others of non-manufacturing → Financial Institutions and Insurance , and others;
      • Jan. 2006: Compiled the indexes at constant prices
      • Jul. 2008: Revised the indexes at constant prices according to the change in the base year of the consumer price index
      • Oct. 2008: Changed the survey title from the Machinery Orders Received Survey to the Monthly Survey of Machinery Orders Received
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method
      • News releases and Internet: End of the following month
      • Monthly Report on the Machinery Orders Received: 6 weeks after the reference month
      Announcement periodicity Monthly
      Publication title Monthly Report on the Machinery Orders Received
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