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  • Regional Income
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Regional Income
      Type of statistics Designated and processed statistics
      Purpose To understand the size of production & expenditure, and industrial structure per province in order to provide basic data required for regional economy analyses and policy establishment
      Periodicity Yearly
      • 1983: Established the estimation plans for GRDP(Gross Regional Domestic Product) and collected basic data
      • 1984: Trial calculation of GRDP estimation in Chungcheong-do (1981 and 1982)
      • 1988: GRDP estimation by province
      • 1989: Approval for the statistical production (No. 10128)
      • 1994: Change in the base year to 1990
      • 1999: Change in the base year to 1995
      • 2000: Changed announcement period (provisional: end of the following year, and final: July two years later)
      • 2001: Released data of expenditures (1995 ~ 1999)
      • 2004: Change in the base year of production and expenditure account to 2000
      • 2005: The manufacturing sector was subdivided into Primary Material Industry, Processing Assembly Industry and Living & Other Industry
      • 2009: Change in the base year of production and expenditure account to 2005
      • 2009: Data release of income account (2000~2008)
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method
      • Provisional results: News releases and KOSIS loading
      • Final results: Distributing publications and loading final data into the KOSIS
      Announcement periodicity
      • Provisional results: At the end of December one year after the reference year
      • Final results: At the first half two years after the reference year
      Publication title Gross Regional Domestic Product and Expenditure
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