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  • Social Survey
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Social Survey
      Type of statistics
      • Designated and surveyed statistics
      • Statistics on society
      Purpose To understand quality of life and social changes so as to provide basic data required for the establishment of social development policies by measuring social interest and subjective opinions in relation to people’s quality of life
      • Yearly (2-year cycle per sector)
        • A total of 10 sectors : Family, Income & Consumption, Labor, Education, Health Care, Environment, Welfare, Culture & leisure, Safety, and Social Participation
        • 2009: 5 sectors (Culture & leisure, Welfare, Income & consumption, Labor and Social participation)
      • Mar. 1977: Conducted the Survey on income, consumption, education, public health, housing, environment and society for the purpose of collecting basic data to configure the system for「Social Indicators in Korea」
      • 1978: Established social indicator system (joint research by the National Bureau of Statistics and Korea Development Institute)
      • 1979~1984: Selected 4~6 areas out of the total of 8 every year to compiled the survey on the average of 5 items per area
      • 1987: The 1st revision of the system for「Social Indicators in Korea」
      • 1985~1996: Reduced survey areas into 2~3 for in-depth survey and conducted the survey by expanding items per area instead
      • 1995: The 2nd revision of the system for「Social Indicators in Korea」
      • 1997: Carried out surveys twice a year (April and Sep.) (data on 2 sectors per survey)
      • 1998~2005: Carried out surveys once a year (data on 3 sectors per survey, 4-year survey cycle per sector)
      • 2006~2007: Data on 3 or 4 sectors (3-year survey cycle per sector)
      • 2008: Applied a new sampling, reduced a survey cycle and changed from Social Statistics Survey to Social Survey
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method
      • To publish Report on the Social Survey and to be used in Social Indicators
      • Data uploading to the KOSIS and online publications
      • Microdata provision
      Announcement periodicity Yearly (2-year cycle per sector)
      Publication title Report on the Social Survey
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