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  • Time Use Survey
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Time Use Survey
      Type of statistics Designated and surveyed statistics
      • To provide basic data required for understanding people's life style and quality of life by measuring how people spend 24 hours
      • To understand time spent on unpaid housework in order to analyze economic value of housework and to provide basic data required for integrating satellite account of households into national account system.
      • To provide basic data for establishing various policies related to labor, welfare, culture and traffic as well as for academic research.
      Periodicity Every 5 years
      • 1997: Established basic plans and collected & analyzed related data
      • 1998: Three test surveys (May, Aug. and Nov.) and held expert meetings
      • 1999: Preliminary model survey(May) and held social sectional meetings by the Statistics Committee (Jul.)
      • 1999: The first survey (Sep.)
      • 2003: Three test surveys (Jun., Jul. and Oct.) and held expert meetings
      • 2004: Preliminary model survey (April)
      • 2004: The second survey (Sep.)
      • 2008: Carried out research on survey methodology, gathered opinions from experts and carried out the test survey
      • 2009: The third survey (Mar., Sep.)
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method News releases
      Announcement periodicity Every 5 years
      Publication title Report on the Time Use Survey
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