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  • Household Income and Expenditure Survey
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Household Income and Expenditure Survey
      Type of statistics
      • Designated and surveyed statistics
      • To provide data needed for estimating and analyzing the changes in household income and expenditure
        • Basic data to be used for the weighting of the Consumer Price Index
        • Basic data to be used for making various economic and social policies
        • Production of income distribution indicators
        • Basic data to be used for estimating the total amount such as national account
        • Data to be used for calculating migration expenses, supporting the needy and deciding the standard wages of workers
      Periodicity Monthly survey and quarterly data dissemination
      • 1951~1962: Surveyed by the Bank of Korea
        • Jul. l951: 60 households in Busan (the cost of living survey to measure consumption level of Koreans-purposive sampling method)
      • 1954~1959: 200 wage and salary earners in Seoul (purposive sampling)
      • Dec. 1962: Approved for the production of statistics
      • Jan. 1963: Transferred the Survey to the National Bureau of Statistics (the predecessor of the Statistics Korea), Economic Planning Board
      • 1963~1968: Sampling survey on 1,700 households in nationwide cities
      • 1969~1974: Revised the sample through multi-purpose sample design and used household account books for 1,800 households to collect data on food items (to collect data on the rest of survey items quarterly through interviewing methods)
      • 1969: Sample revision
      • 1972: Sample revision
      • 1975~ Present: Used household account books for all items
      • 1977: Sample revision
      • 1982~1994: Changed from 5 items to 9 items for consumption expenditures
      • 1982: Sample revision
      • 1988: Sample revision
      • 1993: Sample revision
      • After 1995: Changed from 9 items to 10 items for consumption expenditures
      • 1998: Sample revision
      • 2003: Sample revision
      • 2005: Introduced a rotational sampling
      • 2006: Covered one-person households and introduced electronic household account books
      • 2008: Produced and released 'annualized and equalized income distribution indicators'
      • 2009: Changed the classification of consumption expenditure items into the classification based on COICOP
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method News releases, and data uploading on the KOSTAT website and the KOSIS: Two months after the reference quarter
      Announcement periodicity Quarterly and yearly
      Publication title Annual Report on the Household Income and Expenditure Survey
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