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  • Monthly Online Shopping Survey
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Monthly Online Shopping Survey
      Type of statistics Designated and surveyed statistics
      Purpose To provide basic data required for the establishment of government policies and management plans for enterprises by collecting data regarding the size and infrastructure of e-commerce through cyber shopping mall businesses and analyzing the trend of e-commerce transaction mainly between businesses and consumers.
      Periodicity Monthly
      • Nov. 1999: Made plans for the production of E-commerce Statistics
      • Aug. 2000: Approval for the statistical production (No. 10156)
      • Mar. 2001: Released survey results (on a monthly basis)
      • Feb. 2004: The survey was approved as a designated statistic.
      • May 2008: The survey was approved as a sample survey. Data were released on a quarterly basis.
      • Dec. 2008: The survey title was changed to the Cyber Shopping Survey.
      • April. 2014. The survey title was changed to the Online Shopping Survey.
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method KOSTAT website, news release, KOSIS
      Announcement periodicity Quarterly
      Publication title Report of E-Commerce and Cyber Shopping Survey (Quarterly)
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