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  • Construction Survey
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Construction Survey
      Type of statistics Designated and surveyed statistics
      Purpose To provide basic data for policy establishment by grasping the structure in construction industry and status of industrial activities through the survey on the number of employees, wages, sales, added values, tangible fixed assets and construction equipments.
      Periodicity Yearly
      • 1968: The first survey
        • Contents of revision (survey object, item, method, base year, classification, and others)
      • Jan. 1968: By the Korea Development Bank
      • Jan. 1972: Transferred the Survey to the National Bureau of Statistics, Economic Planning Board
      • Nov. 1974: Approved for the production of statistics
      • Mar. 1986: Collected data from the 1985 Survey through 3 organizations of the Statistics Korea, Construction Association of Korea and Korea Specializing Construction Association as a part of the integrated execution of similar statistics survey in construction area
      • Jan. 1990: Collected data from the 1989 Survey through 4 organizations by adding the Korea Mech. Const. Contractors Association (separated from the Korea Specializing Construction Association)
      • Jan. 1994: Collected data from 6 organizations with additional participation by the Korea Information and Communications Contractors Association from the 1993 Survey in accordance with the plans to supplement and revise survey samples and to improve survey operation to expand businesses of sampling survey
      • Jan. 2000: Conducted as complete surveys on corporations and sampling surveys on private businesses from 1999 on areas of Special Construction, Equipment, Electrical Works and Communication Works to expand the size of samples
      • Jan. 2001: Conducted computing (CD) surveys from 2000 on details of settlement by general construction associations and of results from 5 associations
      • Jan. 2004: Collectively administered computing and online surveys from 2003 by 4 associations (General Construction, Specializing Construction, Electricity, and Information & Communications)
      • Jan. 2005: The Korea National Statistical Office and some associations (General Construction and Electricity) drew up a questionnaire integrating general items and business result-related items from the 2004 Survey.
      • Jan. 2006
        • Collaborative administration with the Korea Facilities Maintenance Association (separated from the Korea Special Construction Association) from the 2005 Survey
        • Added a survey item "Whether to use e-commerce" in a business result-related questionnaire
      • Jan. 2007: From the 2006 Construction Survey, the survey year for "Heating Works" was changed to the year ending "0" or "5".
      • Jan. 2008: From the 2007 Construction Survey, the survey periodicity of the survey items related to settlement of accounts for "Electrical and Communication Works" was changed from "May~April" to "June" by considering the settlement term of personal establishments.
      • From the 2008 Construction Survey, the Korea Specialty Construction Association took the responsibility of collecting, inputting and supplementing the questionnaires of "Special Trade Construction" instead of Regional Statistics Offices. Survey items not to be disseminated and responded (construction value by business type of registration, whether to use e-commerce, tangible fixed assets, inventories and revenue from renting) were not covered.
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method
      • News releases of preliminary results and data upload on the Internet
      • To publish the「Report on the Construction Work Survey」and data upload to the KOSIS
      Announcement periodicity Yearly
      Publication title Report on the Construction Survey
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