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  • Mining and Manufacturing Survey
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Mining and Manufacturing Survey
      Type of statistics Designated and surveyed statistics
      • To provide data required for the establishment of economic policies by the government, establishment of management plans by enterprises, research activities by universities and research institutes and international comparison by understanding the structure and distribution of mining and manufacturing industry
      • To provide the survey population for various sample surveys on mining and manufacturing industry.
      Periodicity Yearly
      • 1968: The first survey
        • Contents of revision (survey object, item, method, base year, classification, and others)
      • Apr. 1968: Approved for the production of statistics
      • May 1968: The first survey by the Korea Development Bank in order to collect data in the interim year of Industrial Census (as of 1967) and supplementary data for the Census
      • Apr. 1970: Transferred the Survey to the National Bureau of Statistics, Economic Planning Board (the former National Statistical Office) from the 2nd survey (as of 1969) to be carried out annually when Industrial Censuses are compiled
      • May 2002: Changed the titles of statistics (Mining & Manufacturing Survey → Mining and Manufacturing Survey)
        • The Korea Development Bank carried out the 1967 Mining and Manufacturing Survey for the first time. From the 1969 Mining and Manufacturing Survey, the National Bureau of Statistics, Economic Planning Board (the former Statistics Korea until December, 1990) was in charge of statistical production. The 2006 Mining and Manufacturing Survey was the 32nd one. The Bank of Korea carried out the Industrial Census for the first time in 1955, which covered 'Electricity, Gas and Water Supply', not to mention 'Mining and Manufacturing'. The Industrial Census had been carried out on a 2~3-year basis. In 1973, the Industrial Census was transferred to the Statistics Korea, which carried out the Census on a 5-year basis (years ending '3' or '8'). The 2008 Mining and Manufacturing Survey was the 34th one.
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method
      • News releases and to publicize provisional results on the Internet
      • To publish Report on the Mining and Manufacturing Survey
      Announcement periodicity Yearly
      Publication title Report on the Mining and Manufacturing Survey
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