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  • Transportation Survey
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Transport Survey
      Type of statistics Designated and surveyed statistics
      • To understand the structure and management status so as to provide basic data required for the establishment of policies by measuring employment, wage, transportation equipment, revenues and expenses in transportation industry.
      Periodicity Yearly
      History Carried out the Survey in 1964 and 1969 after the survey development by the Industrial Bank of Korea
      • 1977: Changed into annual surveys by transferring the Survey to the National Bureau of Statistics, Economic Planning Board (the former National Statistical Office) and collected data on Land and Water transport businesses
      • 1978~1994: Added 15 sub-industries, such as Interurban Rail Transport and air transport, etc.
      • 1997: Carried out the Survey by adding communication business (used data from the Ministry of Information and Communications from 1998)
      • 2000~2002: Added 3 sub-industries, such as Taxicab Transport (sub-divided as Private and Company-type taxies), Inter-city Bus Transport (sub-divided as Express Bus and Inter-city Bus Transport) and Land Freight Forwarding
      • 2000: Transferred the 'Communication' industry to the Ministry of Information and Communications
      • 2003: Changed 'Hearse Operation' from the complete survey to the sample survey
      • 2004: Changed local shuttle buses in 'Urban Bus Passenger Transport' from the complete survey to the sample survey
      • 2005: Added 'Supporting Railway Transport Activities' and 'Operation of Harbour and Marine Terminal Facilities', and separated 'Door to Door Transport' from 'General Freight Trucking'
      • 2007: Added 'Operation of Vehicle Parking Facilities'
      • 2008: Added 'Local Delivery and Messenger Services', changed 'Travel Agency Activities' to 'Business Support Services' (75) according to the 9th revision of industrial classification, and divided 'Interurban Rail Transportation' into 'Interurban Rail Transportation' and 'Commuter Rail Systems'
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method
      • To publish Report on the Transport Survey
      Announcement periodicity Yearly
      Publication title Report on the Transport Survey
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