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  • Census of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Census of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
      Type of statistics
      • Designated and surveyed statistics
      • Statistics on agriculture, forestry and fisheries
      • To provide the fundamental data of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries to be used as indicators of the national economy and the implementation of policy
      • To provide a frame for other sample surveys of agriculture, forestry and fisheries
      • To produce minor regional data required for the era of localization
      • To provide data for international comparison on agriculture, forestry and fisheries
      Periodicity Every 5 years
      • Feb. 1, 1960 (Agricultural National Census)
        • Participated for the first time in the 3rd International Agricultural Census
        • Drastically revised agricultural statistics
      • Jun. 1962: Approved for the production of statistics
      • Dec. 1, 1970 (Agricultural Census)
        • Collected and announced the results of survey per Eup and Myeon units
        • Carried out the first Census of Fisheries
      • Dec. 1, 1975 (Simple Agricultural Census)
        • Conducted sampling survey
      • Dec. 11, 1980 (Agricultural survey)
        • Selected surveyors from village heads, Saemaeul campaign leaders and 4H members well acquainted with local conditions
      • Dec. 1, 1985 (Simple agricultural survey)
        • Conducted sampling survey
      • Dec. 1, 1990 (Agriculture Census)
        • Added particulars related to types of farming and rental & consignment of farming land, etc.
      • Dec. 1, 1995 (Agriculture Census)
        • Changed the definition of farming household based on sales amount
        • Added items of agricultural and livestock product sales and method, etc
      • Jul. 1998: Changed production organization (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry → National Statistical Office)
      • Nov. 1, 1999 (Forestry Census)
        • Carried out the first Census of Forestry
      • Dec. 2000 (Agriculture Census)
        • Conducted for the first time after the transfer to the Statistics Korea
        • Integrated administration with the Fishery Census
        • Added future-oriented items, such as environmentally friendly farming and informatization status in farming households, etc.
      • Dec. 1, 2005 (Agriculture Census)
        • Carried out the Census on a 5-year basis
        • Integrated administration with the Fishery Census and the Forestry Census
        • Added survey items such as marital status, characteristics of farm household population (agriculture-related business) and business for income creation
        • Web-based input system
        • Introduction of the Survey Management System
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method
      • News releases
      • Provisional results: Apr. of the following year
      • Final results: Nov. of the following year
      Announcement periodicity Yearly
      Publication title
      • 2005 Agricultural Census Report (Nationwide)
      • 2005 Agricultural Census Report (Regional)
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