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  • Crop Production Survey
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Crop Production Survey
      Type of statistics Designated and survey statistics
      Purpose To provide data necessary for making agricultural policies such as the plans for food production, the improvement in land utilization, the improvement in agricultural management, the estimation of agricultural income, the stabilization of prices of agricultural products, and the plans for food circulation
      Periodicity Harvesting season of respective crops
      • Local governmental organizations produced statistics by using administrative data till 1964.
      • 1965: Carried out the first sample survey regarding rice production per 10a
      • 1966: Carried out the sample survey for barley (common barley, naked barley and beer barley) and potatoes (sweet potatoes and potatoes)
      • 1974: Carried out the sample survey for beans and red beans
      • 1975: Carried out the sample survey for pepper, garlic, radishes and cabbage
      • 1979: Carried out the sample survey for onions
      • 1985: Carried out the sample survey for sesame
      • 1987: Carried out the sample survey for apples and pears
      • March, 2008: The statistical production was transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to the Statistics Korea as a result of governmental restructuring.
      • Oct. 27, 2008: Changed the Korean survey title
      • Carried out the sample survey for 15 items and the administrative survey for 35 items
      • Changed the survey method from the field survey to the interviewing method from 2008 in case of pepper and sesame, and from 2009 in case of apples and pears
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method
      • To provide data over the Internet and through press release
      • To load data into KOSIS
      Announcement periodicity Just after the harvesting season of respective crops
      Publication title Crop Statistics
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