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  • Statistical Manpower and Budget Survey
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  • Overview
    • Overview
      Title Statistical Manpower and Budget Survey
      Type of statistics General statistics(Complete survey)
      Purpose To understand statistical workforce and budget of governmental and designated private organizations to provide basic data required for establishing plans for the development of national statistics
      Periodicity Every 2 years
      • Dec. 30, 1972: Approval for the statistical production (Statistical Activity Survey)
      • 1973: Carried out the first survey (Survey cycle: annual)
      • 1992: Changed the survey cycle from annual to biennial, and carried out the 20th survey
      • 1999: Changed the survey to the regular survey in even-numbered years and the simplified survey in odd-numbered years
      • 2004: Changed the survey title from the Statistical Activity Survey to the Statistical Workforce and Budget Survey, and carried out the 26th survey
      • 2006: Carried out the 27th regular survey (Changed the reference date from July 1st to March 1st)
      • 2007: Carried out the simplified survey (Reference date: March 1st, 2007)
      • 2008: Carried out the 28th regular survey (Changed the reference date to May 1st)
      • Apr. 20, 2010: Approval for the change in the statistical production (The KOSTAT surveys statistical workforce, but utilizes data from "2010 Statistical Budget and Mid & Long-term Statistical Budget" produced according to National Statistics Development Strategies (to systematically manage national statistics budget)
  • Data Provision
    • Data Provision
      Announcement method To publish reports
      Announcement periodicity Every 2 years
      Publication title Report on the Statistical Manpower and Budget Survey
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