통계개발원장 전영일

Welcome to SRI
(Statistics Research Institute of Statistics Korea)!

In the 21st century, an era of data revolution, accurate statistics serves as an essential tool in designing the lives of individuals and handling national affairs. In particular, official statistics lays a stepping stone to improve both the quality of people's lives and national policies.

The value of official statistics is based on scientific data collection, accurate analysis and appropriate use. Since it's opening in 2006, SRI has been dedicated to statistical research and development for advancing national statistics in Korea and beyond. The SRI is the state-run think tank of official statistics, and data innovation.

The SRI is committed to practical research for creating, implementing and evaluating policies based on data. The institute is currently working on applied research to enable government departments and local governments to promote data-based policies. For example, SRI has developed the National Quality of Life Indicator System to establish and implement national policies that improve the quality of people's lives. Such a system serves to monitor the quality of life in Korea.

In addition, SRI strives to develop scientific and advanced methods for survey methodology. For example, SRI opened Korea's only cognitive laboratory in 2013 to scientifically test questionnaires, which has enabled SRI to contribute to the development of more respondent-friendly questionnaires and to produce more accurate and reliable national statistics.

SRI is preparing for the next 50 years by focusing on the goals of practical research and innovative development for national statistics ahead of the institute's 15th anniversary in 2021. SRI is working on a long-term plan of statistical development over the next 50 years.

There is a saying that you should travel together if you wish to go far. On our journey, for the next 50 years, SRI seeks to strengthen its capabilities through collaboration with leading academic and corporate research institutes, as well as joint research with statistical survey experts and data scientists at home and abroad. At the same time, when it comes to national statistics, we intend to enhance SRI's international presence through exchanges and cooperation with institutions in Europe and North America. Keeping in mind that innovation comes from creative team research, SRI is strengthening its team research activities to develop innovative national statistical production, analysis, and utilization techniques in response to the rapid changes taking place in the field of statistics and data science at home and abroad.

As suggested in the 「The Mid-to-Long-term Core Research Plans」, SRI is committed to reducing the burden on respondents and producing more accurate statistics through practical research and in-depth analysis of techniques to link and create convergence among data from multiple sources. In addition, SRI contributes to the research and commercialization of statistical confidentiality techniques which balance privacy protection with maximizing the use of data. The institute supports more efficient production of national statistics by conducting research design. SRI also contributes to promoting evidence-based national policies through statistical research on key indicators such as the SDGs which serve as the basis for major international issues and economic and social policies.

We are open to any suggestions for improving and developing official statistics. SRI is attentive to listening to your feedback and ideas of innovation!

Director-General of SRI(Statistics Research Institute of Statistics Korea)
Asaph Young Chun