The SRI Mission and Vision

The Statistics Research Institute (SRI) has been established to develop, advance, and disseminate national statistics by conducting innovative, creative, and pragmatic research and development
The State-Run Think Tank for National Statistics! A Fact Tank for Data Innovation!
Meaning : The SRI, the state-run think tank of national statistics in Korea, will advance official statistics, develop innovative survey methods, and support evidencebased policy making
Core Values
  • Innovation
    & Creativity
  • Future-Driven
    & Convergence
  • Pragmatism
    & Trust
Business Goals
  • Developing and improving national statistics to address the data user's needs
  • Strengthening research capacity to advance national statistics
  • Ensuring efficiency in institutional management to address the future challenges
Strategic Objectives
  • Develop and improve national statistics for evidence-based policy making
  • Provide the user-oriented research service
  • Develop advanced research capacity for top-notch global competition
  • Sustain institutional efficiency and preparedness for the future