Cognitive interviewing is a questionnaire testing method that can effectively improve the quality of a questionnaire with a relatively small budget and in a short time. The purpose of this study is to introduce cognitive interviewing technique and procedure so that it is practically helpful to the researchers who need to plan and perform cognitive interviewing in the field. Section 1 described the introduction background of cognitive interviewing, and Section 2 described the response process, which is the theoretical background of cognitive interviewing. Section 3 introduced techniques that are mainly used in cognitive interviewing, and Section 4 described the procedure for performing cognitive interviewing step by step. In particular, Sections 3 and 4 present specific cases based on actual cognitive interviewing, which are expected to be helpful in practical application. Through this research, we hope that more researchers will be able to use cognitive interviewing in the process of developing or improving questionnaires.

Key words: Questionnaire testing method, cognitive interviewing