This is a study to find a plan for replacing the rent price index, a survey data, by using the data from the housing rental information system, which is administrative data. The main research contents consist of data processing, index pilot creation, and replaceability review. First, in the data processing step, the timeliness of the data was reviewed, the data distribution by region was analyzed, and outliers were removed. Second, in the index pilot creation step, the methods were divided into ① a method using the entire data and a ②?method using only matching data. And, in each method, the results before and after the application of the post-weight of the housing type were compared. Finally, in the replaceability review, we compared the demonstrationally created index with the existing rent index of the NSO to review the replaceability, and compared the rent price index of the Korea Appraisal Board and the actual transaction index of apartment rent to confirm the representativeness of the index. The result of the analysis showed that the pilot index calculated by using only matching data and applying the post weight value of the housing type showed the most similar flow to the rent price index as well as the existing rent index.

Key words:?Consumer price index, housing rental information system, housing rental price index