This study aims to identify the characteristics of infant death by abuse between 2010~2019 in Korea using annual data of infant death released in Microdata Integrated Service(MDIS) web site. Though the limitations of restricted coverage, most of prior studies focused on and used  the data released by Ministry of Health and Welfare and National Center for the Rights of the Child. To improve the data coverage, this study extracted and used infant death data from the Causes of  Mortality which is released annually by Statistics Korea. Among the criteria of the Korea Standard Classification of Diseases(KCD), 31 codes that include the words “abuse”, “assault” and “neglect and abandonment” were identified and 150 cases were selected. Among the 150 cases, 47(31.3%) died only less than 1 day since delivery and 21(14.0%) were killed by their parents. The length of survival was differed by nationality of mothers, prior pregnancy outcome, antenatal care and mode of delivery. The necessity of intensive service for pregnant women and policy that can cover all the delivery outside of institutions to prevent infant death by abuse were discussed. Also the future tasks about management and integration of the scattered data of child abuse in Korea were suggested.

Key words: Infant Death, Child Abuse, Causes of Mortality, Statistics Korea Microdata Integrated Service(MDIS), Child Abuse Statistics