The reduction of the size of the family has continued for a long time. This is related to the increase in the number of single-person households and single-generation households, and the proportion of elderly couple households and elderly single-person households.

Looking at the trend of changes in the unmarried rate by age group, it appears that the number of late marriages and unmarried people continues to increase steadily. The trend varies between men and women, with the increase in the number of unmarried people in their 20s being greater for women while the increase in the number of unmarried people in their 30s to 50s is larger for men.
*is “unmarried rate” correct? The rate of singles seems more natural, but I don’t know if it is a statistical term.

The average age of divorce has risen steadily due to the increase in middle-aged divorces. Divorce continued to decline after reaching its peak in 2003 and then increased again in 2018. Divorce cases for those in their 40s and 50s continues to increase without decreasing.

The view of seeing marriage and remarriage as a must was weakened and the notion  of tolerating cohabitation and divorce increased. However, the attitude of tolerating out-of-wedlock births remains relatively low.

In recent years, traditional gender roles have weakened and the perception that household labor should be shared by both men and women has become quite common, but changes in actual behavior in the sharing of household labor has been changing slowly.

The sense of responsibility for supporting aging parents is weakening. The perception that family members should support each other is decreasing, and the perception that the whole society, including family, communities and government, should take responsibility is becoming more and more strong. In terms of actual support, the ratio of self-support has remained at its highest.

The satisfaction level of parent-child relationships is increasing, and the satisfaction level of marital relationships is consistently higher for husbands than wives. The satisfaction level of marital relationships by age group is higher in the early stages of marriage when couples are young.