Research Centers

  • Center for Data Privacy & Applications

    • Introduction

      The EU has recently strengthened personal data protection measures with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in May 2018. Such a global trend calls on KOSTAT to strengthen personal information protection in Korea as well. with the Data 3 Act coming into effect in July 2020, personal data protection in Korean has been rapidly transforming. In response to this, the Statistics Research Institute established the Center for Data privacy & Applications in February 2020, which supports Statistics Korea in building expertise in data protection and taking corresponding measures so that Statistics Korea(KOSTAT) can provide a large volume of safe and useful data as a data hub.

    • Mission : Supporting data sharing and privacy protection

      • Conducting research on statistical methods for controlling the risk of personal data exposure and expanding the scope of data provision
        • Research and development of data and information protection methods such as differentiated data protection and Bayesian reproduction data
        • Research and development of data provision platforms and platform-customized confidentiality techniques
        • Development and distribution of the latest techniques through a cooperative network with experts in the public, private and academic sectors at home and abroad.
    • Main functions

      • [Research on the latest techniques for data protection]

        Traditional methods for limiting data exposure such as data masking have limitations and new techniques are required to quantitatively control the risk of data exposure and maximize the use of data. The Statistics Research Institute conducts research on the latest data protection techniques such as a pilot creation of Bayesian reproduction data and differential data protection by using national statistical data, and also supports more efficient data provision at the Statistics Data Center, the data platform of KOSTAT.

      • [Research and development of data provision platform-customized data protection solutions]

        The Center for Data Privacy & Applications at the Statistics Research Institute provides and updates guidelines on controlling the statistical exposure of exported data with reference to operation and data protection methods developed by leading data centers. This will allow Korea to provide greater convenience to data users and managers in controlling risks pertaining to data exposure and to continuously promote greater practical application of statistical confidentiality techniques.

    • Center Manager : 82-42-366-7225