Research Centers

  • Center for Datanomics

    • Introduction

      As the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' is in full swing, science and technology are advancing and the industrial environment is changing at breakneck pace. Our society is anxious about future job prospects, including lack of decent jobs and changes in the labor market. We are also witnessing the restructuring of industries, such as less competitive industries falling behind, manufacturing-centered businesses collapsing and online platform businesses replacing the traditional players. Accordingly, the Statistics Research Institute opened the Data Economy Center in February in 2020 in order to focus research on measuring data economy, developing big data platforms and evaluating the data economy (including the data industry) and to conduct joint research plans in collaboration with industry and academia.

    • Mission : Taking a leading role in the development and improvement of data economy statistics required for establishing national economic policies and conducting relevant economic policy research

      • Conducting R&D for economic statistics production by linking big data and administrative data
        • Conducting research on the development and improvement of data economy statistics and development of integrated statistics covering areas such as economy, health and education
        • Developing new economic statistics by linking and converging multi-source data and big data
        • Supporting a more efficient statistical production and developing new economic statistics by strengthening communication and cooperation with KOSTAT divisions in charge of economic statistics surveys
    • Main functions

      • [Enhancement of the quality of statistics by strengthening communication and cooperation with KOSTAT divisions in charge of economic statistics surveys]

        Through a stronger cooperation with KOSTAT departments in charge of economic statistics surveys, Center for Datanomics aims to expand its support for joint research on improving and developing economic statistics study ways to improve the efficiency and reliability of economic statistics indicators and expand the range of statistical services. Furthermore, ways to improve the timeliness and accuracy of various economic indicators of Statistics Korea and conduct research on forecasting and estimation techniques to expand the services for economic statistics producers and users.

      • [Promotion of a greater data usability by privacy-protected linkage of data from multiple sources (administrative data, big data, etc.)]

        The use of external data is limited due to personal data protection and legal prohibitions on the re-provision of administrative data, while statistics producing agencies are underfunded, understaffed and face greater workloads in performing on-site surveys. In light of these constraints, we conduct research in order to contribute to better understanding on administrative data and its use through collection, processing, and linkage of multi-source data (administrative data obtained from Statistics Korea), and to replace statistical survey items to reduce the burden on respondents. Furthermore, we conduct basic research to improve the collection, management, storage and utilization of administrative data, and provide private big data in support of KOSTAT and national statistical.

      • [Creation of data-based economic indicators and expansion of cooperative networks]

        As data becomes increasingly important in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era, we are leading research efforts on the establishment of economic indicators which help better understand the impact of data on the national economy and evaluate the contribution of data to people's lives. In addition, we promote cooperative networks through exchanges with researchers across a range of fields in order to perform the basic research required for expanding the scope of economic statistics, preparing for the future of the global data economy, and adapting to domestic and international economic changes.

    • Center Manager : 82-42-366-7311